How to Write an Essay on Social Media

If you are required to write an essay on social media, you might have a pile of questions in your head. How to choose the topic? Should I write about the influence of social media on youth essay or about the impact of social media on society? Maybe something about social media content and how to write a blog or post that generates tons of social shares? In this article, you will find it out. We are going to divide all the information into sections (like in any essay) and give you clear examples of what you can write this paragraph about and how you to avoid constant “write my essay for me” request.

Essay on Social Media: Step by Step Guide

Impact of social media essay

Does the structure of a research paper differ from the essay on social media? No. Does the content of the research paper differ from the essay on social media? Yes. So, let us dive into the structure and the content of essay on social media to prove your that you have never written the essay so fast before.

Find a Topic

This is the first thing you should think of. Which aspect of social media are you going to discuss? We have already given you a few ideas you can write about – positive and negative effects of social media, adolescents’ use of social media, the impact of social media in education, etc. If you are allowed, you can write about specific social media which has a huge impact on our society (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Consult your professor and find a topic you are really interested in.

Let us imagine you chose to write an essay about both positive and negative effects of social media. Here is how the structure of your essay should look like.


Even though you need to write an essay on social media, you do not want to start the introduction paragraph with words “Social media is a very important part of our lives”. You can start your essay by describing technological changes in the 20th century and such things as cars, televisions, etc. and say that those had both positive and negative effects on our world.

There is another way to start your essay on social media – to ask a question. Is it possible to live without Instagram or Facebook nowadays? Some people state that is quite real as when scrolling down the Insta line, we just waste our time looking through a series of photos of unknown people. Some people support social media activities and can’t imagine their lives and career without it, especially if it is a public person and his career is connected with marketing, fashion, fitness, cosmetology, and photography. The others claim the problem with social media is that it provides us with too much information. Let us figure out once and for all whether social media has a positive or negative impact on our lives.

Pay attention that your essay should end up with a thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

Once you have written an introduction for your essay on social media, it is time to get to body paragraphs. Usually, the essay has three body paragraphs but you can add a couple more to make your essay more argumentative. So, what should you write in this part of the paper?

First of all, take a certain position and make the arguments. For example, if you are writing about the adolescents’ use of social media, here are some evidence you can provide to support your idea of the positive impact of social media.

Adolescents’ Life: The Impact of Social Media in Education and Personal Development

Essay writing

Argument 1: Forming and maintaining a close interpersonal relationship is an important challenge in adolescence. Social media provides teens with the opportunity to discuss everyday issues, find support, strengthen existing friendships and form new ones. When they fill up a personal profile, adolescents choose a proper photo, right words to describe themselves. Based on the feedback and reactions they receive from pals, teens may modify their self-presentation.

Argument 2: Social media is a great way to practice social skills. Those who are self-conscious about their appearance or body image may feel more comfortable communicating online where they can be judged based on their appearance. One of the most important things is that social media can be very attractive for teens whose interests differ from other persons. They can connect with someone who shares their interests, understand their story. It is a unique opportunity to further develop their specific hobbies or preferences.

Argument 3: Although many of the psychologists claim that some of the information on the internet (especially medical one) can be inappropriate, misleading or have a sexual meaning, teenagers may feel more comfortable searching for sensitive health topics online than elsewhere due to anonymity. Expressing yourself by using social media, sharing issues of global concerns, searching for information, finding needed support are the main factors that underline the importance of that form of communication. You can argue it, but you can’t deny it. Social media has become a part of everyday life and we need to maximize the benefit of it.

You can also add a paragraph claiming that social media is a platform for beautiful pictures. If you are sad, you desire beauty, style, and visual pleasure, Instagram will assist you in that. That is an ideal place to find ideas for a fashionable bow, and see how to rearrange the furniture in the room, and choose the option of manicure or hairstyle.

Counter Argument 1: There are tons of advantages of social media but even if you are going to defend that position in your essay, do not forget to add a counter argument to highlight the importance of the positive effects (and vice versa). We spend too much time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and neglect our assignments, coursework and term papers, we are addicted to likes and other people’s opinion, we do and buy thing not to enjoy but to take a great picture of it. If you think social media has a negative impact on our lives but do not know what to write in the main body, watch “Black Mirror” episode “Nosedive” to get some inspiration.


You almost did it! Believe me, the hardest part of writing is over. Now you need to concentrate on the final paragraph. The first sentence will reveal a place of social media in a modern world. The next couple of sentences will describe your topic and emphasize your position (in case of the influence of social media on youth essay, you have to highlight whether it is a positive or negative effect). Remind the readers your strongest evidence. Your final comment should be impressive emphatic.

So, how to write an essay on social media? Try not to use social media for a week and then write the essay on how easy it was.


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