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Greetings to the future college student from Florida reading this article at the moment! You are done with secondary school classes. And the upcoming period of your life seems to be very tough, doesn’t it? A “college student” sounds like something you should be proud of. Still, that anxiety inside your mind grows as the D-day approaches.

The day of a PERT test.

High school graduates may think the word “test” after those four letters means something awful, scary, and frustrating. They naturally perceive tests as great educational milestones. They think that their fate depends on the deciding grade.

To be honest, I used to be one of such students too. I often tried to find someone to write my essay for me. So I didn’t have to worry about writing tasks or study guides at all. I bet everyone thought about calling kind people and asking them to help at least once.

But is that worrying reasonable in the case of a PERT test?

This study guide is going to answer your urgent question.

Study Guide: What Is PERT Test and How to Pass It?

Real things are not scary. As you might already know that PERT stands for Postsecondary Education Readiness Test.

Does it sound too serious for your tensed mind?

Here is a super-effective study guide tip from veterans: relax.

PERT test is aimed at revealing the actual level of your knowledge of math and English. The test itself consists of 3 parts: the one is for math and the other two are for English reading and writing. Each part consists of 30 tasks. There is a range of points for each part: from 50 to 150.

And here is the best news: you can’t either “fail” or “pass” this test. As the name of the test says, it is a “readiness” exam, determining if you are well-prepared for regular college level classes.

To prove that you are cool and totally charged with knowledge, you need to get above 116 points for the math part, 106 points for reading, and 103 points for writing.

Infographic PERT Test Required Points

Nothing bad happens if you get lower points: college professors will just know that you need remedial or basic classes in math or English. If you get less points than required, your mathematics and English classes will be simpler.

Still, this does not mean you are worse than more successful students. Your college just dares to guide you through hardships and to give you enough time to deal with the study courses.

Once again: you CAN’T FAIL this exam. Take a deep breath, check the guide, and start preparing to show your best self.

How to Prepare to PERT Test: Study Guide

The easiest and the most effective way to prepare to this exam is to try your knowledge in a free online Florida test. There are plenty of them available on different websites, but it is critically important to find up-to-date exemplars.

We provide future students with the latest information only, so continue reading to find top-rated guides.

What Tasks Can You Get for the Math PERT Test?

Graduates receive tasks with charts, tables, diagrams and graphs. Additionally, word problems concerning real life situations are used to check students’ knowledge and skills.

It is strictly forbidden to use calculating devices during the exam, but online calculators are provided for some test tasks.

Some other math tasks may also include linear equations, different algebraic expressions, multiplying, dividing, summing, factoring, simplifying of polynomials, and other tricky things. But be sure that there is nothing impossible is you have the right study guides at your disposal.

What the Guide Says About the Reading Florida Test?

The reading part of the PERT test assesses your capability to understand texts. They can be taken from short stories, novels, poems, theatrical dramas, newspaper articles, magazine columns, business documents, etc. There are multiple-choice questions in the PERT reading exam part.

The most frequent types of reading tasks are to define the main idea of a certain text, to provide the understanding of selected phrases, to explain the meanings of words in context, to figure out the author’s goal, to interpret sentences and their connections, to distinguish opinions and facts, etc.

Study Guide: Is the Writing PERT Exam Scary?

Actually, it is not. For some students, this part of the exam might seem the easiest. You should show how good you are at finding and correcting mistakes in texts or phrases.

There can be syntactical errors, the wrong word choice, or spelling. Some other tasks include correcting the wrong verb tense and word spelling, using appropriate grammar forms in sentences, distinguishing styles and tones of different texts, plus determining and summarizing authors’ opinions.

Additional Tips on PERT Test Study Guide

The Florida college PERT test is not very difficult. If you have reliable study guides at your fingertips and spend some time on good preparation, it won’t be a very serious problem.

In addition to studying, these activities might be helpful too:

  • Meditation: this practice can help you calm down your mind and make it memorize things better.
  • Mnemonical methods: these are memorizing techniques turning the chaotic learning process into a structured one.
  • Notes: making notes is the simplest way to learn new things, but it is still one of the most effective methods of self-learning.
  • Concentration: the obvious thing that can bring you wonderful results if you avoid distracting your attention from studying.
  • Self-confidence: yes, you need to believe in yourself to pass the PERT test successfully.
Infographic Study Guide PERT Test Components

To Conclude

To sum up our detailed study guide, I’d like to tell you another cool thing: PERT exams have no time limits. This means that you can spend as much time as you need to solve the given tasks. It usually takes students 30-45 minutes to solve them all, but there is no need to worry about the time frames. You should simply do your best. That’s all.

I hope this PERT test study guide will help you deal with your anxiety and doubt. It won’t be the easiest exam of your life, but neither is it the toughest thing ever. Believe me.

Just be ready and remember that you can make it.

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