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Student CV Template

“How am I supposed to have 10 years of experience if nobody wants to hire me without any?”, “I have no clue what to write in here besides my name and the email!”. That is what we are thinking about when it comes to the CV writing. Papercheap writing experts are a dab hand at this. Firstly, let us tell you that there is no such thing as perfect student CV in the UK because the content of the topnotch CV template is determined by the position and the person who is applying.

So, to write student CV template which will get you noticed you just need to follow certain rules and avoid common mistakes. Let’s start with some professional tips from someone who knows the secrets of a great CV for students.

Tips from HR Managers for Student CV Template

Student CV Template Tips from HR Managers

Avoid Cliché and Find Your Strengths

It takes about 30 seconds or 3-4 sentences for people in recruitment to understand whether they are going to read the whole CV or going to throw it away. So, do not write under any circumstance about being enthusiastic, self-motivated, hard-working, team player, punctual. These are just empty words and HR managers know that you are writing it to just fill the space of your CV template. Do not waste your and their time. Add your strengths in the opening paragraph instead.

Write about your qualifications or areas that you have excelled in. Have you been working in the college council? Maybe you have been involved in shooting some videos? Are you great at writing or making publishing titles and slogans? So, put down what would other people say that you do well.

Make Student CV Template Relevant

Yes, you want to add the work experience of being a lifeguard on the Malibu beach, but only if you are applying for the position of a swim coach, not a sales representative. One of the most important rules in the world of CV Templates is that student resume has to be relevant to the employer. Do not even think to send the same CV to every single job you are applying for. You have to make the employer feel special. So, all the information should be relevant and tailored to the position you want to get.

If the company is looking for someone who is good at PR, then your student CV should contain something how you are social media savvy. If it is a graphic design position, you need to boast about your Photoshop skills, creative attitude to the work, photography course. Tailor each of the bullet points to go much closer to the desired position.

Look Professional in Your CV Template

The last important thing about the content of your CV Template is professionalism in every section and word. How to convince the HR manager that you are qualified enough to get the job? Make sure everything looks professional. When it comes to your mail address, no is needed. It should be just your first and the last name.

Do not attach weird text document that nobody has the software to open. Everything can look good and professional on your computer, but when you send the CV to somebody else who is using a different system, the text just moves all over the place. One sneaky tip - use a PDF.

Pick up proper words. Use action verbs like created, performed, launched, analyzed, assisted, customized, developed, evaluated, supervised, improved, organized. Your sentences should start with an action verb and do not contain the first-person pronoun. And in some way, these sentences are not even complete which is okay. You need to make them as descriptive as possible.

Stand Out Your Student CV Template

When you are done with content, it is time to work on the format of your student CV. It has to be easy to go through the document and choose the most important information. Make the employer look at the resume and instantly remember it. Incorporate a second color, maybe a blue or red with the black ink, add slight graph on there like you are 90% good at this and 10% good at that, but do not overdo it. It should look classy and in a businesslike manner.

Now, when you know the basics, it is time to move on to the student CV template.

Student CV Template for First Job

Student CV Template for First Job

Let’s go through every section of our CV student template for the first job.

Contact Info

Student’s contact information is the first thing the employer sees when opening your CV. All you need is to write an email, phone number, address, and well-made LinkedIn profile if you have one (in the format  

Opening Paragraph

Branding profile comes after contact info. You know what to do. Describe what makes you the perfect fit, link your skills to their job description. 3-5 sentences are enough, you do not want your personal profile to be over one paragraph. Probably, you are going to spend as much time on the opening paragraph as you do on the rest of the student CV. Explain who you are and what your background is. Make the recruiters say “Yes, I need to know more about this person, I will read on”.


In CV template for UK student, this section is as important as the section about the experience. I suppose you have not so much to say about one, so make education your punch line.

Include your school, degree, minor, specialization, GPA or major GPA. To be honest, just pick which one is higher. Colleges may put you on the Dean’s list if you get above a certain GPA. If you have achieved this, list it in the education section. Everything about your college achievements needs to be included.

Work Experience

Here Achilles' heel is. CV template of the student usually does not take up much space, but you can’t just leave the section blank. Include internships or relevant courses. list any types of projects or volunteer experience you have gotten relevant to your major. Try to include projects which are most applicable to the job you are trying to get as well as ones that are the newest one. Your freshman year projects won’t be as important as senior projects. Maybe you did a research paper. Often when it comes to final projects in a class, even though everyone does one, they will all be different. So, you still have the uniqueness on the resume.

Apart from that, you can add to the template the tutoring or being a teacher’s assistant. In the section “Student CV Template for the First Job”, I will show you the example.


This part of the CV template student usually ignores. But I highly recommend you to mention that you are a polyglot, your typing speed is 100 words per minute, you are good at Java or Video Editing Software. And you are done! Congrats!

Student CV Template: Part Time Job

CV Template

Basically, a resume for part-time work is just a little bit different than writing a regular one for full-time work. So, if you have a good working copy of a full-time CV, you can breathe a sigh of relief and just modify it. What is important for part-time CV? Job Objective.

Let’s say, for example, you would like to work part-time in a midsize office, then you would want to state that in your job objective. If you know some company called Google is hiring a part-time office worker, you would be that specific and put sown that you want to be a part-time administrative assistant for Google. By the way, if you are offered to take a full-time job there, I would not mind. And do not forget to change the objective with each title you are applying for.

When you come to the experience, it is better to say you are transitioning from a full-time to a part-time job. The “Make your student CV template relevant” is true for a part-time job. So, be sure to list experience which is quite similar to the job objective.

Student CV Template: No Experience

The theory is good but the practice is better. We have already talked about the high school student CV template and undergraduate student CV template for the first job. Here are some examples of how it can look and sound.

Branding Profile

An enterprising business graduate with digital marketing background intending to continue developing procurement, sales and marketing skills. As a result-oriented person, I have undertaken a management internship to pursue a career in retail. Relevant experience gained during internship gives me a possibility to apply for that job.


International Business Management,
The University of Manchester

  • Relevant courses: political science, Public Relations, Business management;
  • Thesis “The Self-Determination of Minorities in the Light of Globalization”
  • Average grade: 8.1/10


Information Management Internship

  • Participated in the information Management advisory group;
  • Conducted desk research and prepared presentations;
  • Wrote a tender advisory report.

Team Leader

  • Responsible for a product-handling process;
  • Spoke to customers when handling errors occurred;
  • Review customers feedbacks and suggested how to improve the process

Volunteer in the Student Organization,
The University of Manchester

  • In charge of organizing kick-off activities;
  • Work with the social media content of the university (Facebook, website, etc.)


  • Programs: Google Analytics, Hubspot Sales, Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint;
  • Training: Communicative skills for future CEO
  • Languages: Spanish (good spoken and written command)


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