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Student life

Fearing change is normal. We are all filled with expectations about our future lives as students. And sometimes, because we have such high hopes, we may get disappointed. Student life may not always be like in the movies: we will not immediately find a group of friends and romance. There is likely to be far less partying than studying.

However, there are some life hacks that will help you adapt and enjoy your life. For example, this amazing essay writing service can help you greatly with your learning and those annoying essays. Find out more student life tips on socializing and organizing your environment.

Student Life Hacks on Socializing

University is another stage in life where you can find new friends. You also have to learn to navigate in adult relationships, making a good impression on professors and employers, and get connections for your future career. Learn a few simple tricks to do that.

Student Blogs

Before even enrolling into university, it is great to find as much information about it as possible. Often students strive to apply into famous universities or colleges their parents attended, and get disappointed on arrival, because it is not something that they would have liked. To find truthful information about your dream college, consult student blogs. There your peers have already written all the ins and outs about dorms, courses to take, professors to avoid, and clubs to join. You can even make some friends in advance and be less anxious about moving into campus!

Making Friends

According to statistics, because of social media, first-year students now socialize less and in turn, feel more depressed. However, the advantage of college is that everybody is new there and eager to have new friends and break the initial awkwardness. No one likes a grumpy shut-in. Even if you are introverted, there are ways that you can use to show that you are interested in some company. Organize a warming up party, remember people’s names, keep the door to your room open and greet others with a smile. In no time, people will flock to you. And those may be the people you will call your friends for the rest of your life.

Student Life Tips on Adaptation

Changing living conditions is also a tough challenge for those who have always lived only with mom and dad. How to reduce your living costs? How to adapt to life in a big city? What other student life hacks to know?

Cost of Living

As much as 80% of students worry about money constantly. This is aggravating statistics. What are their biggest expenses?

You should remember that the expenses may vary for you, according to your living conditions. But still, tuition and rent are the most expensive categories. In order to save some money, try to enroll into scholarship programs, look for used textbooks. As for rent, try finding shared housing with your mates. Save electricity and water, and your bills will be much more pleasant to receive.

Urban Student Life

Urban living is hard to adapt to if you are from a small town. The crowds, the trash, the transportation and noise all add up to a bad first impression. However, the city also offers great opportunities that you would not find in a small town. The key is not to be afraid of all this new information. Try to use the first weeks there to study the city, get to know the landmarks, learn about its history, go on organized tours. Propose to the other mates in your dorm to join you. It will be a nice bonding and discovering experience that will make you fall in love with the once scary city.

Student Life in London

London is one of the biggest cities of the world, and if you are coming to study from abroad or even another small town in the UK, it might get overwhelming. What are the best tips for your life there? Firstly, get an Oyster Card at any tube station. The London underground is accessible and the best method of transportation, especially if you cannot get a bicycle.

Use such websites as this one, that one and another one to find accommodation, but always visit the place before paying any money or making agreements.

Student Life Quotes

In the end, your student life makes up a part of your life in general. How do you want to live it? Certainly, no one wants failure and depression to characterize their young years. These motivational quotes are all you need to be successful. The lessons you can draw from them are such: failure does not define you, time is your most precious resource, you should learn and accumulate knowledge. We wish you the best in your life!

Winston Churchill on success

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