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Law dissertation topics

There might come a time in your life when you will regret applying to a university. It is most likely to happen when you need to write your thesis or even your dissertation. You may be at a loss of what to choose, how to proceed, how to start. Your brain will be like a dry well or, the opposite, a river full of ideas. Either way, choosing a topic is no easy task, and this article will hopefully provide some help to figure out how to take that bull by the horns and enjoy your last years of university instead of stressing out. If you feel like saving some time, we will be happy to assist you in this task with our paper writing service.

Quick First Steps Guide

Just like building a cathedral seems to be an immense and insurmountable task, so does writing a dissertation. Dissertations are long and require profound in-depth research. Their length varies depending on the field of expertise, the novelty of the subject, the source materials and the general requirements. However, no matter how architecturally elaborate a cathedral looks, it was built by laying the first stone. Learn how to lay the first stone of your dissertation with this easy four-step guide.

Find Your Interest

What do you do on your day off? This is something that gives you happiness. Maybe, you like visiting an archeological museum, or watching documentaries about the marine life, or mock-trials on TV. Any interest is relevant because it shows your true fascination with something and the fact that you do not regret spending your time on this. Now find a connection to your research. If you lost all interest in your degree, you might reignite it by looking at it from a different perspective or linking it to something unexpected.

Look for a Mentor

Do not be afraid of talking to someone with more experience. Professors can give you a piece of marvelous advice that will help you. However, do not let a professor bully you into writing something that they like or need some research for. Tell them honestly if the topic they proposed is something that you do not care about. Your mentor can also be a fellow student, as you can brainstorm together. When people bounce ideas off each other, it can lead to surprising results.

Formulate a Question

Your dissertation is basically a very long answer to a question. It is not a good idea to just describe a phenomenon or talk about the biography of a famous person. You must draw some conclusions from your essay and reply to a question, or at least have a clue where you want your research to take you. Sure, you may end up with different results from what you have planned, but there must be a force that drove you forward in the first place.

Plan Ahead

The success of almost any endeavor lies in planning. You would not want to sail on a boat that was made without blueprints, right? Give yourself time to find a topic, to conduct some extra research before formulating it, plan the parts of your dissertations in advance and clear your schedule to be on time and not rush the work. Doing it all a few hours before the deadline will play a cruel joke on you, as you will inevitably find yourself struggling with the topic later in the year.

Most Frequent Topics in Different Spheres

Now we will look for examples of topics that you could use. Let us analyze a few topics from different spheres, look for the most popular ones, as well as what is trending in the world right now. Even if your field of expertise is something entirely different, you can draw some much needed inspiration from these dissertation topics.

Marketing Dissertation Topics


Marketing is a popular degree that is relevant to the needs of the modern world. Consider these ten topics.

1. The difference between the assertive and calming colors in product packaging and how they influence the consumer’s buying behavior.

2. The role of social media in promoting your business.

3. The comparative analysis of marketing strategies employed by big online shopping corporations such as eBay or Amazon.

4. Strategies of ethnic targeting in product packaging design.

5. The analysis of linguistic constructions in television advertisements.

6. Big brands supporting LGBT customers and their allies: the failure or success of socio-politically oriented campaigns.

7. The influence of loyalty bonus programs on consumer’s buying process.

8. The analysis of a connection between the eco-friendly produce and the wealth of households.

9. The importance of customer’s satisfaction in online shopping apps: ratings, feedback, reviews, and how they influence the marketing process.

10. Brand perception in different age and gender groups: a comparative study.

Linguistics Dissertation Topics

If you are interested in languages, there are also a lot of topics to consider.

11. Bilingualism in Canada: government education programs.

12. Functional uses of onomatopoeia: from comic books to advertisements.

13. Rhetoric strategies in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

14. Swearing in modern literature: functional purpose and genre diffusion.

15. Studying Japanese in the context of English loanwords.

Business Dissertation Topics

If only one step is keeping you from becoming a famous business person, and that step is your dissertation, consider these new business dissertation topics.

16. Workplace ethics in business: strategies to elevate team’s productivity.

17. The influence of effective business plans on successful businesses.

18. The rise of freelance work and its effects on business.

19. The benefits of sole-proprietorship and corporation: the analysis of statistical data from major companies.

20. Business ethics in different countries: national business strategies.

21. Foreign investment for businesses: attracting the needed capital.

22. Local businesses and customer loyalty.

23. The environmental influence of big corporations.

24. Business administration and its important role behind the scenes.

25. Outsourcing strategies that benefit businesses.

Computer Science Dissertation Topics

26. Integrating programming in schools: effective strategies.

27. The “average person problem”: how computer programming erases identities from Google searches.

28. Discussing the main problems of online translation apps.

29. The analysis of internet usage spheres in different US regions.

30. Current cyber security risks for customers paying online.

Nursing Dissertation Topics

It is not hard to find nursing dissertation topics if you have studied this field for a long time. Health issues arise frequently, and it is your job to spot the tendencies and find a nursing dissertation topic that will offer practical results and bring the most benefits.

31. AIDS related stigma and its influence on employees’ workplace environment.

32. The burnout syndrome in doctors and nurses: techniques of preventing the burnout.

33. The analysis of factors which contribute to the development of depression in teens.

34. The strategies for propagating awareness of smoking health risks in public schools.

35. Obesity distribution in households of different social classes and its contributing factors.

36. Dealing with insomnia and erratic sleep patterns of college students, the effective energy recovery.

37. The methods of teaching physical education in schools: health risks for younger students.

38. Post-natal depression in single mothers from low-income households: cures and preventive methods.

39. The legalization of euthanasia in different countries: current debates.

40. The health benefits of vegetarian and vegan practices in pre-teens.

41. Mental health stigma and ways to promote mental health awareness.

42. The connection between violent video games and teen crimes.

43. The integration of autistic children in schools: practical methods.

44. The beneficial effect of therapy groups for victims of sexual abuse.

45. The health risks of night shifts for college students.

Remember that all these topics require research, and even if it is something you are not familiar with, your dissertation exists exactly for the purpose of you learning more. Einstein once said – If we knew what we were doing it would not be called research, would it? So, put your doubts aside and get to work.

Law Dissertation Topics


When we consider law dissertation topics, there are plenty of issues to ponder on. The legislation code is complicated and varies from country to country. Regulating the rights and obligations of citizens is a constant work in progress, and many laws need adjustments to the current situation. Here are some law dissertation topics to choose from.

46. The US constitutional right to bear arms in regards to the gun control debate.

47. The laws protecting from hate crimes in different countries.

48. The updates of law in regards to the rise of cybercrimes.

49. Decriminalizing gay practices in Iran: the ongoing fight for human rights.

50. Anti-discrimination laws in the workplace: the analysis of corporate policies.

51. Law as a universal concept: the possibility of a global jurisdiction model.

52. The methods of implementing law: enforcing equal pay in the movie industry.

53. The methods of increasing moral awareness among the population.

54. The influence of social security on the well-being of citizens.

55. The role of female politicians in establishing a more democratic society.

Psychology Dissertation Topics

The human brain is a fascinating organ. Psychology is a relatively new discipline, so it might be hard to find dissertation topics. Consider the following.

56. The correlation of emotional intelligence and life success.

57. Integrating practices that benefit mental health in college.

58. The influence of subconscious thoughts on everyday life.

59. Prefrontal cortex injuries: post-surgery therapy.

60. Understanding child psychology: the effective upbringing of pre-school children.

Economics Dissertation Topics

Money rules the world, and, in turn, the art of economics regulates the complex notion of money. If you need some economics dissertation topics, take a look at some of our ideas.

61. The Wall Street’s influence on the global financial crisis.

62. The influence of the European Monetary Union on the Greek financial crisis.

63. The role of crypto currencies in the UK’s GDP.

64. The economically beneficial ways of dealing with tax evasion practices.

65. Economics education in school: methods to keep up with the current events.

66. The comparative study of the US unemployment rate growth and economic instability.

67. The role of globalization for speculative markets.

68. Black markets in the capitalist economy: ways of dealing with the problem.

69. Trade and commerce between the EU and the rest of the European countries.

70. EU integration for the UK: advantages and disadvantages for the economy.

Ecology Dissertation Topics

The environment we live in is our most precious gift, as without it we would perish. If you are looking for some dissertation topics concerning ecology, consider the following.

71. Global warming effects on fish migration in Hawaii.

72. The effects of meat industry on soil pollution.

73. Protecting the bees: how bees influence human life.

74. The renewable and alternative sources of energy: their implementation in everyday life.

75. The patterns of tree communication: the function of roots.

History Dissertation Topics

History is the foundation from which we grow as a society. From the ancient civilizations to the current political games, history influences our lives in the most remarkable ways. Here are some history dissertation topics to consider.

76. The representation of African-American history in modern art.

77. The comparative review of infrastructure development in ancient civilizations: Mexican, Chinese, Greek.

78. The US foreign relations in the Cold War era.

79. The gender-biased studies of ancient civilizations: how the white male perspective influences historical research.

80. The influence of Ancient Greek myths and religion on the modern-day Greek society.

81. The role of dictators in history: the manipulation techniques of masses.

82. British colonies: how modern-day Hong Kong was influenced by the past colonization.

83. The historical perspective on hygiene in Medieval Europe.

84. Space colonization: historical facts and future perspectives.

85. The role of women in the French revolution.

86. Religious practices in the Minoan civilization.

87. The sociopolitical effects of the Viking attacks on the British Isles.

88. Fascist propaganda pamphlets: rhetorical strategies.

89. The rise and annexation of the Corsican Republic.

90. The influence of Russian culture in Alaska.

Interdisciplinary Dissertation Topics to Consider

Knowledge is universal, and it is not unheard of to choose a topic for your dissertation that it closely related to another subject. If you are interested in more than one subject, you can always choose two or more for your dissertation topics. Interdisciplinary topics are on the rise, and when you mix the topics, you will get a whole new outlook that will keep you stimulated to impress the readers of your dissertation. Look through these topics to get some ideas.

1. The mental health issues of UK soldiers in the Second World War.

2. The influence of Latin on imaginary languages in the genre of fantasy.

3. Shock therapy throughout history.

4. The correlation of crimes and social instability in New York City districts.

5. The influence of social media addiction on the brain development of teenagers.

6. European Union regulation of black markets.

7. The implementation of braille system in computer keyboards.

8. Preserving architectural buildings, their correlation with tourism business in Amsterdam.

9. The methods of educating hearing-impaired children.

10. Business management ethics in racially-diverse workplace environments.

Additional Tips for Dissertations

Dissertation writing

If you are still unsure about how to proceed, here are some additional tips that may spark that fire of knowledge inside of you.

Research Is the Key

Students may feel stuck because they do not know enough about the topic. There is nothing to worry about. Take some time to really think through your topic, do not jump at the first title you find mildly interesting. Look for inspiration, research, brainstorm different ideas that might shape your view. Do not be afraid of the unknown, and you will get there, little by little. Nobody is born a genius.

Length May Vary

According to the statistics provided by UCLA, length dissertations vary greatly, however the constant is about 130 pages. The important part is that you open your topic fully, as you can go over two hundred pages or a little bit over one hundred. Do not limit yourself by pages, but rather think about each part of your dissertation as the answer to a smaller part of the bigger question that you pose with your whole work.

Believe In Yourself

Consider your dissertation as the last hurdle on your climb upwards to the top of the mountain. Dissertation writing is hard and the statistics is not encouraging, with less than 56% of people actually finishing it within the 10-year limit. Take your time and write the best you can, do not get depressed if this does not come easily. Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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