Description of Nature: Writing Ideas

People in Forest

You may be given a task to prepare a paper on the nature-related topic, whether you are a true nature lover or not. What can you write in an essay that requires a description of nature? Such topic may confuse you a bit, but here you can find a few ideas that will help you to cope with it!

The Place You Know

If you are looking for a place to describe and you are free to choose anything, you may opt for the place you know the best, e.g. the forest you’ve been to many times, a beautiful lake near your house, etc. Remember that such type of writing requires your creativity, so you are to use some means of expression, such as epithets and metaphors, so that even an ordinary place you are writing about will “look” extremely beautiful and even a bit unusual. Recall an event, for example, some hiking trips connected with this place and tell what impressed you the most then.

Means of Expression

In case you are to write a paper that contains the description of nature in more or less artistic manner, you need to use the means of expression. Besides epithets and metaphors, which were mentioned above, you have a simile, stylistic inversion, alliteration and many others at your disposal. Try to keep balance and not to overdo with them, so it may seem to be too sophisticated and unclear.

Virtual Trip to Another Land

Big Waterfall

Supposing you didn’t have anything to describe near you or you’d never been to a beautiful place, or you were just tired the usual landscapes, what should you describe? There is a great decision. You can choose something unusual and exotic, probably, the place you always wanted to visit, for example, tropical forests, jungles, great waterfalls or deserts. It can be something either famous or unknown. You may even describe an imaginary land! Here you can set your imagination free and surprise the people who are going to read your paper.

Even More Creativity

Let’s play the game! Imagine you are a person or even an animal (why not?) who lives in a place you are describing. What do see and what do you usually do here? What you consider being advantage and disadvantage of the place? What do appreciate most about it? You can even make up a situation or event, which will help you to describe the peculiarities of nature.

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